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Sol & Indigo

Co - Owner

Co - Owner

Sol and I started out as neighbors and became great friends.  She is extremely efficient in all she does.  Her house is always clean…I believe her middle name is “clean”.


It is in her nature to work hard and make sure all she does, is done right.


Sol manages 2 kids, a husband, friends and family.  She has a huge heart and would do anything for you.

We have many common passions, beliefs, goals and values in life that it has brought us to this point in our friendship and in our partnership.  We jive well together in life and in business.


I LOVE her…and you will too!!!


Indigo is probably one of the most generous people I have ever met. She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. She is crafty…she is organized…she is detail oriented and everything in her home has its place.


She has the “magic touch!”


Indigo will make the cushions on your couch look better just by rearranging them. She is a mother of 2 beautiful children, a wife, a daughter and a friend. She hosts the best dinners, parties and gatherings, always done with that “magic touch.”


Try her…she’s great…she’s MY BESTIE!!!




Shannon comes to work with a very positive, mature and professional attitude every day. She is liked by all and has a very gentle approach to life.

She takes initiative at work and does her job very well. She is a dedicated Wife and Mother.


Shannon is definitely our "above and beyond Artist".


Brenda is a very dedicated worker. She is loyal, lovable and spiritual. She is detailed in her work and it shows in the end result.

She is a mom of 2 so she knows all about hard work.


Brenda is our dedicated Artist!


Natalie is our busiest artist. Between her personal training company and raising 4 children, she knows what it takes to get things done.

She is hard working, easy to get along with, genuine and a detail oriented person.


She is definitely our ''meticulous artist''



Nichole comes to work happy and energetic. You will notice when she has cleaned your bathrooms, she leaves her signature in the towel folding. Between cutting hair and cleaning full time, Nichole enjoys cuddling with her cat Milly.


Nichole is our origami Artist!

Shawna comes to work on time and ready to clean. She is fast and efficient and doesn't mess around.

Shawna recently got engaged and will have babies soon... BUT not too soon!!!

Shawna is our get the job done Artist.


Erin comes to us with cleaning experience. She is the lady who pursues through and gets everything cleaned in a timely manner. She is super friendly and loved by our staff & clients.

She is a new mom of a sweet puppy named Dixie. Erin only has one commercial client, she is now a full time employed health care aid.


Erin is our lovable Artist!


Nicky is our commercial cleaner. She enjoys peace and quiet at work. She likes the energetic moments with her famous dog Malcom. She is sensitive, artistic and sweet.


Nicky is our free spirited Artist!



Mari works for us occasionally, she is our vacation relief lady. She is very professional, she sets very high standards for herself and for those working alongside her.

She doesn't mess around, she is Italian!!


Mari is our strong all together Artist!

Viola is graduating this year with a degree in English. She is a really hard worker and works well under pressure. She is always up for challenges and she won't give up until the job is done!


Viola is our hard working Artist!

Rachel might be the youngest of our team but her maturity is exemplary. She is quiet but yet knows just when to crack a hilarious joke. She is a great cleaner and never leaves anything behind, she is the exception of the young working generation.


Rachel is our funny Artist!




Roccio is our professional organizer. She is as sweet as chocolate! Try her! She is a mom of 3, so she sure knows how to get her schedule together.

She called Mexico home for the longest time but now is with us in Canada for good. We won't let her go back!


Roccio is our organized Artist!

Courtney enjoys her work and loves to organize as she cleans. She is a people person and social butterfly who loves the outdoors and animals

She is also part of the youngest crew on the team and we are proud to count her in.


Courtney is our happy Artist!

Ana joined our team along with her sister Roccio. She is patient and a loving mother of two children.

She comes to work with determination, motivation and a hard work ethic.


Ana is our passionate Artist!

Cristina is our new artist. She has been cleaning for friends for many year, she now decided to join our wonderful team. Cristina is a mother of 3 and home schools all of them, she sure is a patient breed.


Cristina is our respectful Artist!

Tina is our saturday worker. She grew up with a dad that owned a cleaning company.  She understands every aspect of this business of ours. She is energetic and spends most of her time with our new generation of Artists.

She is a mom of the cutest 2 year old puppy and she loves going on hikes with him.


Tina is our colorful Artist!

Karen is our evening worker. She is a workaholic, she loves to travel and see the world so she works hard to make it happen

She is a mom of 2 and an animal lover. She goes to work and gets the job done.


Karen is our adventurous Artist!







**Becky is currently on Maternity leave**


Becky is on the ball!!! She takes initiative in any situation and will solve problems fast and independently. She is professional yet friendly at the same time. Becky is kind, loyal and very hard working. She is a Mom of a little girl.


She is definitely our "fast and efficient Artist".


Interested in becoming and artist? Let us know, we are always looking. Click Here

A cancellation fee of 50% will apply to any cleaning services cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Indigo 604.512.7482

Sol 778.994.9007



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